Application :D

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Application :D

Postby terrSC » 2011-12-20 16:35:46+00:00

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Main character (the one you're playing the most, and the one who'll be joining us) information
* Name: Achetelone
* Class(es) and level(s): 56 SWS
* Clan history: SilkGloves
* Alternative characters (only those you're actually playing now and then and have equipped):
Tornquist - Phantom Ranger
Katrijna - Arbalester
Caers - Spellhowler
Elivagar - Shillen Knight

Gaming habits
* Typical gaming schedule (which days in the week, which hours): Mostly every day, usually on during the day or late night/early morning
* Ready to fight? (PvP readiness, against all odds): I have rarely ever pvp'd
* What do you like to do in the game? (PvE, raids, going red, crafting and so on): PvE, exploring, grinding, socialising

You and Unity
* Were you a member in the past? If so, when and with which character(s)? I was a very long time ago on Ioanna (when it was still Teon) (a Palus Knight) but I lost the information for that account a while ago unfortunatly & don't have the email I used to create it so NCSoft won't give me the information for it :(
* Where did you hear from us? Clan Recruitment forums & from in game ages ago.
* Do you have friends in clan who could speak for you? I vaugely remember a lot of people, but haven't been around since probably 2009.

I have a lot of fun on my SWS & am enjoying being back in the game. Almost 57 & looking forward to the progression :)
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Re: Application :D

Postby airyz » 2011-12-28 11:36:37+00:00

I am sorry mate but unfortunately our academy is full and we cannot offer an invitation at this moment.
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