R Grade Armor and the type thingys

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R Grade Armor and the type thingys

Postby Kezz » 2012-03-10 06:13:19+00:00

Hi there

I will very soon become a Yul archer and now I know there has been alot of changes to lineage... I mean like 5 years ago when I stopped playing because I immigrated back to South Africa, I thought I'd never play retail again purely on the cost of playing each month ... and now its FREE :D

As much as I would like to be in Twilight armor I have come to the harsh reality that I will only be able to afford Immortal. Looking at the armor I have noticed that you can get Assasin type and Enhanced type..besides for bound, standard and blessed?

please somebody explain?

I understand that you have unidentified and you simply double click to identify.. and from that you can either get Bound, Standard and Blessed. I went on the GoD site to try find some clarity on this but its as clear as mud.. when and how do I get to choose the type either Assasin or Enhanced... and I assume Enhanced is the one for archers ..right?

Must I buy it already Enhanced or can I buy unidentifed and then choose? As far as I can make out if you have all the pieces of your armor one type you get all the additional bonuses right?

Please help I'm clueless

thanks Kezz
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Re: R Grade Armor and the type thingys

Postby checkk » 2012-03-10 14:47:22+00:00

You can buy unidentified items, click on them and then go to blacksmith and choose which type you want, enchance or assassin.
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Re: R Grade Armor and the type thingys

Postby lihman » 2012-03-11 12:11:29+00:00

Immortal is low r-grade and twilight is top, best to buy unidentified and then double click them, rush to blacksmith to make enhenced or assesin type what you want.
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Re: R Grade Armor and the type thingys

Postby Melvis » 2012-03-12 07:23:03+00:00

Twilight costs about 1kkk now (top R grade), and not such a big difference in prices between bound and standard.

Difference between bound and standard - you just can't sell/trade/drop bound items, but can do this with standard. So, they have the equal power.
Blessed item - it's like rare item. But it's bonuses not written in game and I didn't found information about it in the Internet.

Type of armor - you can add/change type of your armor at Blacksmith (in Aden 100%, dunno about other towns). It costs about 1kk for a whole set. So, you can buy armor any type you want and change it if you don't like.

For archer, I think, you need assasin type.

And better buy Immortal (or Twilight if you have money) as soon as possible. Compering with Vorpal, you die much less in R grade (from my "life" expirience :lol: )
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