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Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-25 17:10:57+00:00
by Cheda
A friend thats really rich hes millionare.
gave me keys last night to an appartment he bought for us my daughter and my girlfriend.

well he only gave me keys and a card i could only read today. :O

So around 1pm i opened his card and saw some christmass thanks etc etc and happy newyear.
and a address. I was like OMG. so we went there by car.

We checked today it had 6 rooms and a balcony around 11 by 4 meters big.

Thats a big christmass gift you ever had. Its on the 11th floor and i can see the other city there. was cold there tho but my daughter found allready a room for herself she wanted it so we marked it with an X.

alot of painting to do tho we have to repaint the windows. and a wooden floor its around 230m3 big the appartment thats huge its almost a penthouse :O

He payed all already so i only have to pay for gas water and electricty.

we going to move there in january and he payed for that to. on 15th January i get a huge appartment im so happy for all my animals they
finnaly get some room there.

The living room is huge around 120M3 and the bedrooms are huge to :O.

so for my cats dog and rabbits and a hamster + piranha we found a new home


Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-26 20:27:43+00:00
by Akjosch
Whoa, that's a damn nice gift. Congratulations!

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-27 08:51:41+00:00
by lihman
Gratz Cheda, that's very big and nice xmas gift!!

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-27 22:59:11+00:00
by NorthernPrimcess
that is really very very nice, if its true..

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-28 07:51:29+00:00
by Fayde
Gzzzzzzzzz :D I wish u all the best in this new home and I hope it means a nice new beginning! :D

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-29 14:41:29+00:00
by sercatum
Aren't you joking?
It look like scenplay of cheap Hollywood movie!

If it is not dream - LOOOL have fun!
If it is dream ... DON'T DON'T wakeup!

Whatever is true have fun, enjoy live !

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-29 14:54:24+00:00
by DiVino
Yes it's like a movie :)
Gratz Cheda, that is a very nice gift!!

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-30 17:41:00+00:00
by Cheda
:( my card reader broke for my camera so i bought a new one i tought it was a SD reader but it wont fit. Its a bit huger then SD anyone know what one it is ? plz help got some pics for the home ;)

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-30 19:36:26+00:00
by Ycra
to help you out i need the tipe of camera you use
cause there are about 100 different memory cards

Re: Best gift ever

PostPosted: 2010-12-30 19:49:17+00:00
by Akjosch
Alternatively, check this Wikipedia page and compare the pictures: