Dead Laptop >.<

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Dead Laptop >.<

Postby Etchyzz » 2010-09-14 16:44:54+00:00

My laptopfaked again :(

This time i think it's the backlight that stopped working

The screen has no brightness whatsoever. If i look really closely I can see that things have loaded up exactly the way it should have but it's so dim it's completely unusable :(

waiting on a call for repair cost now...any suggestions?

I can still play, but on my crappy laptop (craptop), which doesn't see items drop on the floor :/

seriously, i've emailed ncsoft and they don't know what's up, freya update didn't fix it either

When items drop, I can only see some of themsometimes. If i hover my mouse over it then the item name comes up as normal but the image of it on the floor isn't there. The items it effects is completely random. Like maybe I can see a mana pot sometimes but other times it's invisble. It only happens with mob drops, if i throw something on the floor I can see it. Any suggestions on that too?
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Re: Dead Laptop >.<

Postby Cheda » 2010-09-15 06:51:41+00:00

Poor etchyzz :D
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Re: Dead Laptop >.<

Postby lihman » 2010-09-15 08:02:18+00:00

there's an option for hide dropped items or something, shouldn't be put on..
Or go in party and let someone else pickup drops.
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