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DoomCryer's Application

PostPosted: 2011-12-18 07:35:59+00:00
by Rakos
Main character (the one you're playing the most, and the one who'll be joining us) information
* Name:
* Class(es) and level(s):
Orc, Male, Doomcryer lvl 76
* Clan history:
In a small Greek clan with a few friends
* Alternative characters (only those you're actually playing now and then and have equipped):

Gaming habits
* Typical gaming schedule (which days in the week, which hours):
Everyday from 17:00 - 22:00 GMT+2 and weekends all day
* Ready to fight? (PvP readiness, against all odds):
If necessary I shall fight.
* What do you like to do in the game? (PvE, raids, going red, crafting and so on):
PvE, Quests and Raids are my favorites.
You and Unity
* Were you a member in the past? If so, when and with which character(s)?
No I was not.
* Where did you hear from us?
The Lineage II official forum.
The fact that the Clan has a focus on PvE, is what caught my eye and I decided to apply.

* Do you have friends in clan who could speak for you?
No I don't.

Re: DoomCryer's Application

PostPosted: 2011-12-28 11:30:14+00:00
by airyz
What level are you now mate? Can you pm "Airyz ingame to discuss it?

Re: DoomCryer's Application

PostPosted: 2011-12-29 09:21:26+00:00
by Rakos
airyz wrote:What level are you now mate? Can you pm "Airyz ingame to discuss it?

Hopefully i will be level 80 in the next couple of days :D (79 lvl now)

I will PM you ingame this afternoon.

Re: DoomCryer's Application

PostPosted: 2011-12-29 15:37:07+00:00
by airyz
Accepted, pm anyone withing main clan for an invite.

Re: DoomCryer's Application

PostPosted: 2012-04-04 18:21:48+00:00
by Cheda