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Postby shazam » 2011-08-01 15:33:17+00:00

Main character (the one you're playing the most, and the one who'll be joining us) information
* Name: Icaramba
* Class(es) and level(s): Paladin lvl 85
* Clan history: TaxCollectors and TrickorTreat both destroyed from Legion
* Alternative characters (only those you're actually playing now and then and have equipped): none

Gaming habits
* Typical gaming schedule (which days in the week, which hours): Almost everyday, at evening gmt+1
* Ready to fight? (PvP readiness, against all odds): pvp? BSOE!!!
* What do you like to do in the game? (PvE, raids, going red, crafting and so on): getting started to make others cry ^^

You and Unity
* Were you a member in the past? If so, when and with which character(s)? No
* Where did you hear from us? Official forums
* Do you have friends in clan who could speak for you? sheepinpanic
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Postby shazam » 2011-08-01 15:57:32+00:00

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Re: Application

Postby Cheda » 2011-08-03 14:47:25+00:00

Oops double post ? :D
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Re: Application

Postby shazam » 2011-08-09 23:29:39+00:00

Hallo Akjosch,
nach deinem Brief war ich doch schon etwas verwirrt und habe mich gefragt ob du evtl. an Realitätverlust leidest aber lass mich das erklären.
Also und sind bis jetzt keine Member weggelaufen aber vllt. habe ich ja ein paar imaginäre Member die jetzt weg sind... schade eigentlich ich mochte die Stimmen in meinen Kopf sehr. :(
Nun frage ich mich ernsthaft warum sich aus deinem Forum genau das Gegenteil herrauskristallisiert von dem was du mir geschrieben hast?
Ich geb dir mal nen Beispiel Zitat:"I think Akj has to stop this silly war before more ppl leave...
Other option is to declare war on GC as well, but with Lux not helping at all in PvP (XP carebears IMO), I think that's not an option"
Achsoooooooooo euch laufen also die Member weg ist ja interessant vllt hattest du dich ja auch verschrieben macht ja nix ;)
Schön ist vorallem die Liste der Member die wärend des Wars gegen unseren fast toten 1 Party Clan geleavt sind.
Ich stelle mal die Behauptung auf das dein Clan so langsam den Bach runtergeht.
Und ja türlich seht ihr kaum jemanden von uns wenn ihr euch versteckt aber zum Glück habe ich ja jetzt ne Liste wo ihr lvled vllt. gabel ich ja
den einen oder anderen von deinen restlichen Membern mal auf.
Weiterhin würde ich den Rat von Cheda befolgen:"Legion is a LOL clan, if you cant face a 1 2 sided war you should better start playing World of Warcraft."
Na dann viel Spaß in WoW ;)
Grüße Legion
Update:Wie ich hörte hat Lux eine Const verloren wegen uns ist ja interessant da geht wo grade eure Ally flöten ;)
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Re: Application

Postby Akjosch » 2011-08-10 04:56:38+00:00

Nah, turns out just a simple spammer (WTH, posting the same crap in a language most can't speak 42 times? Somebody was really bored there.). Oh well. :)

He's back to "moderated", and as such his posts up to review, and obviously out of clan & internal forums, until he learns how to behave. I don't mind people from other clans (in this case, GranCaribe) posting here, but the forum should be kept usable.

Also, I don't particularly like it when people post misleading information in their profiles, so fixed his "Clan" information to the correct one. Speaking of which: We're not looking for alts for Unity. If he wants to apply again, he can do so and he'll get a fair review, but this time with his main (Kamoflash).
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Re: Application

Postby socketka » 2011-08-10 18:55:31+00:00

:D lolgladi
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Re: Application

Postby Dandune » 2011-08-11 10:27:02+00:00

Kamoflash = big LOL
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Re: Application

Postby NorthernPrimcess » 2011-08-21 11:55:01+00:00

Was fun killing Taxcollectors clan lider ChikenWing botting
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