:-) Don't go overexcited.

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:-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Fallina » 2011-06-06 14:19:48+00:00

Main character (the one you're playing the most, and the one who'll be joining us) information
* Name:Fallina, ChedasClone
* Class(es) and level(s):lvl 75 SH, lvl 62 EE
* Clan history:As far as I know, Unity :-)
* Alternative characters (only those you're actually playing now and then and have equipped): Alastra9 SWS lvl 52

Gaming habits
* Typical gaming schedule (which days in the week, which hours):Typically afternoons-evenings :-) Morning I'm out with friends
* Ready to fight? (PvP readiness, against all odds):Have played pvp several hours with friends, some are in SH clan i think, if it still exists. :-) and yes, i would sell my soul for some crazy pvp :-)
* What do you like to do in the game? (PvE, raids, going red, crafting and so on): PvP for sure, exploring Kamael race and talking in Skype with friends while playing. :-)

You and Unity
* Were you a member in the past? If so, when and with which character(s)? Yep I was, (actually my sister) with Fallina :-)
* Where did you hear from us? That I don't know, i shall ask my sister :D
* Do you have friends in clan who could speak for you? The only one i have talked with is Ycra, when once i played with my dorf, but I think he is in another clan now :D

P.S. Hi guys!
So my sister, Nefeli promised me to give me the account, some RL friends will come over in official, I'm pretty sure she told you they use bot programms, as I see in a previous post of hers. I do know how to use bot programms, but I am not willing to risk my precious money for some dumb levels. :D If you catch me bot, you have the right to dismiss me from clan. The only reason I chose Unity is because I did a small search in some clans and they require too much for me...
I won't dedicate my life in the game, and I do feel anxious for example about trial invitations, which are done by KJ, I like it smoother, so I chose you!
Let me not make this post too big, long story short, the only thing i remembered from my sister's account was the account name and nothing else! Thank God NcSoft has recovered everything for me and they have helped me find out if my characters are safe :-P. The only thing i need is to download Hi5 and then im rdy to play, i got a game time card already. :D

Ofc, i shall not tell u to invite my friends, they will bot for sure, so it's better to keep them out of clan :D

About RL: I was in Munich for studies and finally I came back to Greece! My name is Vangelis, but many ppl have dificulties to pronounce it correctly, so I made it for cyber people Vag. Short and nice:-)
I'm not that social to speak in TS3 or ventr or skype, I don't know the reason yet.. :roll: but i do have a Mic and headphones, so if it's really necessary, then I accept to use it ;-)

and for Cheda: my sister told me that she owes you a lot of stuff. As I remember she told me 1 dc robe set, 1 SOM, 1 wolf (lol) and some other stuff, but I think that's all, i hope we contact in game.

Because the only char who will be geared is ChedasClone, I will start with him, and then who knows? Maybe a Kamael ride would be fun! :-)

Have fun and I look really forward to your contacting me :-)
Best regards,
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Cheda » 2011-06-06 15:46:33+00:00

Give me my gear back...
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Baldu » 2011-06-06 15:52:38+00:00

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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Akjosch » 2011-06-06 17:14:50+00:00

Do me a favour and make your own forum account first; so we don't get confused about who is writing here, you or Fallina.
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Wazaa » 2011-06-06 17:30:38+00:00

Done :-)

About cheda: I know it's immature of my sister not to give you the gear, and I don't know the exact reason why she didn't give them back. Anyway, have some patience and soon you'll get them back:-)
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Akjosch » 2011-06-06 17:51:57+00:00

Ok, and to make this matter clear:

If we find out that bot, buy adena, use PvP programs or any other stupid cheat, or did anything like this before you joined us, we will not only kick you from clan, we will report you to NCSoft, we will make sure that every other legit clan won't invite you, ever, and we won't forget that you abused our trust and good will.

Those are the rules; and they apply to everyone in Unity equally. So you don't need to remind us that we "can" kick you. :)
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Wazaa » 2011-06-06 17:55:09+00:00

Ouch, that was like a big slap! :D
You have nothing to worry about, I assure you about it:)
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Ycra » 2011-06-06 18:07:25+00:00

you got to love akjosch for making the point :)

anyway say hi to your sister, spank her a few times... and welcome to L2 :)
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby Dandune » 2011-06-06 18:47:28+00:00

Fallina wrote:If you catch me bot, you have the right to dismiss me from clan.

I hope this is just a poor choice of words.
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Re: :-) Don't go overexcited.

Postby SheepInPanic » 2011-06-06 19:46:38+00:00

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