Delludus the new player

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Re: Delludus the new player

Postby Baldu » 2011-05-17 12:35:00+00:00

Delludus wrote:On lvl 80 it seems dominator has ally cov. Or am i mistaken?

Yea VoP was it. It got slightly different effect than CoV. Mainly that its increasing CP instead of HP and I think crit chance (physical and magical one) instead of Crit dmg (physical and magical)

But yea Dominator is useful in PvP due to massive clan heals and debuffs he can provide.
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Re: Delludus the new player

Postby Akjosch » 2011-05-17 12:54:22+00:00

And to end the topic: Welcome to Unity!
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