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Returning oldie

PostPosted: 2011-04-20 02:21:13+00:00
by Diebels
Main character (the one you're playing the most, and the one who'll be joining us) information
* Name: Diebels (Name changed when I transfered to EU server, before it was Diem)
* Class(es) and level(s): Main: Hierophant (79) - Subs: Spectral Dancer (77) Gladiator (46)
* Clan history: Sieghardt: Pegasus (Allys: ShadowsOfAden, UnityAlliance, for those who were there) - Sayha: DeathWish - Franz: OnSlaught - Naia: None
* Alternative characters (only those you're actually playing now and then and have equipped): None

Gaming habits
* Typical gaming schedule (which days in the week, which hours): Irregular. Nowadays I'm just a casual player anymore, strongly depends on my work (sometimes after 10+ hours I can't find the motivation to play...). At least once or twice per week, ranging from 20 mins to 6 hours
* Ready to fight? (PvP readiness, against all odds): Yes, if I'm ordered to I'm even ready to die (happened before :lol: )
* What do you like to do in the game? (PvE, raids, going red, crafting and so on): Everything, but right now my focus is on PvE since I just returned and restarted a new sub

You and Unity
* Were you a member in the past? If so, when and with which character(s)? Nope
* Where did you hear from us? Official forum
* Do you have friends in clan who could speak for you? None

About myself: I started L2 in C1, quited in C2, restarted (and rerolled) in C3 and kept playing (with some breaks here and there, longest break was for about 1 year) until about 1 1/2 years ago. After that I tried some other MMOs and in the end deceided to give L2 another try (since FF14 isn't that great as I thought..). I just reactivated my account yesterday and created a new sub that I want to lvl up right now. On the official board I read that you are a friendly, legit clan that gives a home to hardcore aswell as casual players. If anyone wants to know: I'm a male, am 29 years old and from Germany (what might explain some grammar errors here and there :roll: ).

Re: Returning oldie

PostPosted: 2011-04-20 09:54:38+00:00
by Elithiya
I vote yes :)

Re: Returning oldie

PostPosted: 2011-04-20 12:05:54+00:00
by Cheda
Only if you wear lederhosen :P

Re: Returning oldie

PostPosted: 2011-04-20 23:31:56+00:00
by NorthernPrimcess
Cheda wrote:Only if you wear lederhosen :P

780 posts already, nice :o

Re: Returning oldie

PostPosted: 2011-04-21 18:23:54+00:00
by Diebels
Cheda wrote:Only if you wear lederhosen :P

Won't happen, I'm not a barbarian bavarian :lol:

Re: Returning oldie

PostPosted: 2011-04-21 20:10:36+00:00
by Akjosch
Welcome to Unity!