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< Unity is recruiting >

PostPosted: 2011-01-12 22:13:07+00:00
by Eljudne
Unity is a friendly clan for legitimate and mature players. The clan have exists for several years, and back to the old days on Teon. We have always uphold a good reputation on the server and wish to continue the same way on Naia. We are now recruiting again!

About you
All levels and classes are welcome to join. So long you do play the game in a legit way.
New commers and Old School players: Yes, both are welcome.
Active or Casual players?: Both. This is the place for you. :D

About us
Unity are mainly focus on PvE. Although, we are not afraid to PvP in different situations. We can offer you:
PvP: Two smaller mutual wars at moment. Keep things up to date with the information on the boards.
Sieges; Clan Hall, Fortress and Castle.
Event: Territory Wars with alliance.
Raids: Zaken 78+. Occasionally lower and mid levels raids for specially items which goes for clan skill.
Teamspeak: Yes, it's a great tool to use, and we highly recommend it to use due sieges, events and party.

Please, register on the forum and read through the sticky, copy and paste the questions in a new topic and fill in the form.

Thanks. :D

Re: < Unity is recruiting >

PostPosted: 2011-12-01 11:00:29+00:00
by Akjosch
Added a new thread on the official forums:

Unity clan recruiting (international)

I'd suggest you check it out now and then, to answer questions from people as they arise.